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Initial Consultation:1 hour 

During the first consultation we perform a Full Body Composition Analysis' to calculate your:

- Total Body Fat / Muscle Mass 
- Body Water Percentage / Bone Mass
- Metabolic Age 
- Visceral Fat Rating (Fat around the organs)

Thereafter we collect information about your medical history, your lifestyle habits and dietary pattern and your current health and well-being goals.

It is vitally important for us to design a Plan that is totally suited to all your needs, desires and lifestyle. 

Second Consultation: 30 mins 
During the 'Second Consultation You will receive your 'Plan'. This happens 2-3 days after your first consultation as time is warranted for its creation.

We DO NOT give 'ready-meal plans'. Reason?....they rarely work, especially in the long term. The Plan must be  the perfect one for your needs, preferences and lifestyle.
During this consultation all the details of 'the plan' are discussed with you, plus delicious Mediterranean recipes 

are supplied. 

Besides the expert advises, you will be given a detailed report of the macro and micro nutrients  of your Plan. 

Follow Up Appointments: 30 mins

The number of review sessions is determined by your personal needs and motivational level.

Research shows that regular reviews with a qualified nutritionist help people increase their compliance and better achieve their goals, compared to doing it alone.



Not in Sydney area? Or simply too busy to visit us in person? No problem. We provide counseling via Skype, Face Time and phone.

Skype or Phone Consultation

1 hour: $120

30 min: $60

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