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Dimitra Papamichou, Nutritionist, Mediterranean diet

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Mediterranean diet and Type 2 diabetes

— Jim Augerinos

"Today, I feel a lot stronger, healthier and energetic. I love my Mediterranean plan and enjoy life more than ever"!!! I used to be lethargic and moody, but through some simple changes in my food habits, I was able to give my lifestyle the healthy change it needed. This is an honest and professional Nutritionist who sits with you and takes the time to understand what your goals are. Highly recommended!”

Colleen Donnelly, Jan 2016

I’ve been seeing Dimitra for a year now, and I’ve lost 13 kg.  I’m delighted with the weight loss, but I’m particularly pleased with how much healthier I feel.

Before seeing Dimitra, I knew what not to eat.  However, she has helped me understand what food I should eat, to include the food that, as part of a Mediterranean diet, improves your overall health, not just promoting weight loss.

Seeing Dimitra regularly has also helped me to focus, and keep on track.  I’ve already gone past my original weight loss goal, and I will continue to see her to maintain the loss.

Chrisa De Souza, April 2017

Mediterranean Diet…….hmmmmm…..what more can I say……..here goes my story…..A young girl in her late 20’s I was introduced to this wonderful lady Dimitra who changed my entire lifestyle. I come from a country where we eat a lot of spices and oily food and yes to add to it coming to Australia introduced to junk food. 
Just a few months in this new country, I started having health issues and I could not understand why; I never in my wildest dreams think that it was all related to my diet. Being a very fussy person where it comes to food, Dimitra patiently made a diet plan for me and told me to have healthy food that I liked.
After 3 months I went back to Dimitra and there was a complete change! I started to feel and look much better! And that was just the beginning! I love my Mediterranean plan, I love the food, I love my life!!!

The Mediterranean 


Dimitra Papamichou 

(Registered Nutritionist / PhD (c), M.Sc. Diet. & Nutr.)


Dimitra Papamichou, Registered Nutritionist, Mediterranean Diet

"The Magic Mediterranean Diet

Unlike other diets that ask you to starve and cut out food groups like carbs, the Mediterranean Diet gives you more choices, not fewer.

Whether you want to lose five kilos, 30 kilos, or more, the Mediterranean Diet can help you achieve your weight-loss goals and put you on the road to optimal health. 

And you’ll do this while eating the carbs you love, dining out, and spending less time working out.


You will not only see results quickly, you will feel them.

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Perfect male body, lean male body, mediterranean diet, fat loss

There are no powders or pills to buy!  Eat what you love while seeing results!

The proven beneficial health effects of the

Mediterranean Diet


  • Increased longevity

  • Reduction in Cardiovascular disease 

  • Prevention of: Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

                              Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease

                              Unipolar depression

                              Cancer (gastric, colorectar and breast cancer)

Delicious Mediterranean food

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